My work has been a way for me to connect with the Ukrainian side of my family which is both distant, and unknown to me. A sense of belonging and yet not-belonging to this space creates a distance which I can fill with imaginings, working instinctively. More recently my subject matter has involved my late Granny; a recent loss where facts and feelings and situations get blinded by my own personal perspective, her battle with Dementia heightening this and creating another layer of imaginary time. I am focusing on the domestic environment, more specifically her 'Home Farm Cottage', where these imagined sets are for narratives to play into as it is no longer my present. A simple misremembered detail could set off a whole new story. The paintings are comfort exhumed from familiar spaces, where Granny is personified as her belongings, as her stories, as her photography, as her children, as me. She is the frame on the wall, the vase on the windowsill, she is the feet under the table, the chocolate wrappers in the bowl, she is the shadow under the orange, she is the overgrown garden outside. I create enclosed worlds in paints where my family, known and unknown, live on through every single day.
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